Golf Tournaments & More

  • Couples Club Championship - The Couples Club Championship crowns a Mr. & Mrs. (significant other) of West Bay. West Bay's 2020 theme was a "Red Carpet Affair" as it took place on Oscars night!
  • Couples Invitational - One of West Bay's premier two-day event. Premier and Signature members are eligible for the Couples Invitational.
  • Party of Fore - Party of Fore events are scheduled on Sundays through season and are one of the most popular events at West Bay Club. Every Party of Fore Event has a specific theme. Events from this past year include "Friends and Field Goals," "Winter Wonderland," "Estero Speakeasy," and "One, Toe, Three Strokes You're Out."
  • Demo Days and Trunk Shows featuring top names such as Callaways, Titleist, PING, True Spec Golf and more.
  • Elite Educational Experiences where elite professionals throughout the country join members at West Bay to host comprehensive educational clinics.  
  • A variety of Golf Events for gentlemen to include Men's Day, Men's Duos, Men's Guest Days, Men's Club Championship, Men's Member-Member and the Men's Invitational.  
  • Our robust Ladies Program featuring Ladies Day, Ladies Duos, Ladies Guest Days, Ladies Club Championship, Ladies Member-Member and Nine Hole Ladies.

Unique events to West Bay to include Superintendent's Revenge, Bushwood Cup - 

  • Superintendent's Revenge is a unique event where the Golf Course Superintendent and his staff set-up the golf course with impossible hole locations and out-of-this world obstacles.
  • The Bushwood Cup is a "Caddyshack" themed exhibition. This match lacks all golf decorum and is fantastically entertaining. A perfect opportunity to witness the personalities and golf skills of West Bay's talented Golf Professional staff.