Golf Tournaments & More

  • Couples Club Championship - The Couples Club Championship crowns a Mr. & Mrs. (significant other) of West Bay. West Bay's 2020 theme was a "Red Carpet Affair" as it took place on Oscars night!
  • Couples Invitational - A premier two-day event. Premier and Signature members are eligible for the Couples Invitational. This event is a favorite with its scheduled awards, gifts, contests, entertainment and delicious cuisine. 
  • Party of Fore - Party of Fore events are scheduled on Sundays through season and are one of the most popular events at West Bay Club. Every Party of Fore Event has a specific theme. Events from this past year include "Friends and Field Goals," "Winter Wonderland," "Estero Speakeasy," and "One, Tow, Three Strokes You're Out."
  • Demo Days and Trunk Shows featuring top names such as Callaways, Titleist, PING, True Spec Golf and more.
  • Elite Educational Experiences where elite professionals throughout the country join members at West Bay to host comprehensive educational clinics.  
  • A variety of Golf Events for gentlemen to include Men's Day, Men's Duos, Men's Guest Days, Men's Club Championship, Men's Member-Member and the Men's Invitational.  
  • Our robust Ladies Program featuring Ladies Day, Ladies Duos, Ladies Guest Days, Ladies Club Championship, Ladies Member-Member and Nine Hole Ladies.

Unique events to West Bay to include Superintendent's Revenge, Bushwood Cup and Interclub.

  • Superintendent's Revenge is a unique event where the Golf Course Superintendent and his staff set-up the golf course with impossible hole locations and out-of-this world obstacles. The day includes a tournament, dinner and awards. 
  • The Bushwood Cup is a "Caddyshack" themed exhibition. This match lacks all golf decorum and is fantastically entertaining. A perfect opportunity to witness the personalities and golf skills of West Bay's talented Golf Professional staff. Plenty of birdies, side bets and crowd interaction. Afterwards, Happy Hour is offered at the Niblick. 
  • West Bay Club is fortunate to participate in several interclub matches throughout the season.