West Bay Club Beach House Estero, Florida

Private Beach Club

It’s rare for anyone to be able to say they’re an owner of a resort-style beach club, complete with 200 feet of pristine Southwest Florida white-sand beach.  

Yet, as a resident, this is a unique and delightful aspect of West Bay life: our private beach club — situated on Little Hickory Island in the Gulf of Mexico — offers easy, complimentary access to all residents, Club members, and their guests. 

This is where and when you can sink your toes in the sand, and marvel at the expanse of blue-green water, while enjoying all the benefits of our signature West Bay way of life. 

Many people say the Beach Club was the deciding factor in choosing West Bay among a host of other private communities, and no wonder. Our Beach Club and the Beach House restaurant are unique built-in benefits to life here, a versatile setting for Gulf-inspired adventure and relaxation, and an unrivaled backdrop for every type of celebration.  

This is an always-available getaway and delightful lifestyle enhancement, complete with lunch and dinner selections that offer creative variations of Florida cuisine to complement our Key West atmosphere, a lively, fun-filled bar, and personalized beachfront services that would be the envy of any five-star beach resort. 

Whether you arrive by water or land, you are greeted by name, rather than being asked for an account number. Our beach attendants are eager to escort you to your favorite spot, preparing you with a lounge chair, umbrella, towels and water — and naturally, every convenience is available to facilitate swimming and recreation in the warm waters of the Gulf.  

The Beach Club feels right at home, because it is your home. Your friends are always around...even (or especially) the dolphins. Every day offers postcard-worthy panoramas set to the familiar rhythm of gently breaking waves.

This is both a personal amenity, and a signature of the West Bay community experience. This is where sandy beach days are elevated by great friends, excellent coastal cuisine, consummately-crafted cocktails, sunset toasts, and a private beach club experience with a special knack for special moment-making.

Happiness happens often here, where the sounds of laughter are the soundtrack to breathtaking views of sand, sea, and sky blend, and where upscale relaxation meets the fun-loving vibes of Key West.